AlfaCon Concursos Públicos increases ERP performance by 30% with Optidata cloud migration

AlfaCon Concursos Públicos

Created in 2009, AlfaCon is an educational services company specializing in face-to-face and video classes to prepare candidates for public service exams, providing study material, interactive classes, books, news and tools to help candidates prepare for the many public exams and for those who plan on a career in public services.

It is one of the largest companies in Brazil in the business, recognized throughout its history as the school with the highest number of candidates passing in the numerous public exams. The Editora Abril group recently invested in the company, further expanding the growth potential of AlfaCon, which currently operates locally in the cities of Cascavel, Fortaleza and São Paulo.

Prisma Softwares de Gestão

After 21 years of experience in the market, Prisma is a company specializing in commercializing software and process consulting for companies in the areas of business management, human resources, access and security, logistics and mobility. It is a distribution channel for Senior Sistemas – one of the largest software developers in Brazil – and also Optidata’s partner for sales and support of the cloud services offered by the company.

AlfaCon is one of Prisma’s customers for the Senior for Business Management (ERP) and People Management (Human Resources) systems and, now, as an Optidata cloud client.

Optidata, Prisma and AlfaCon: a successful partnership

It was through Prisma that AlfaCon found out about the solutions offered by Optidata. They identified that the external data center, used for hosting the ERP, had started to develop instabilities and no longer met the practical requirements of the company.

The complex environment of AlfaCon, which has the senior ERP integrated with third-party software and devices hosted in other data centers, in addition to the after-hour operations of AlfaCon, were important points to consider for the selection of another data center provider, Ivan Carlos Vanin, director of Prisma, highlights.

With this in mind, Prisma and AlfaCon saw the Optidata environment as a more efficient alternative to the data center being used at the time.

The goal was to find a service that would support the demands for Alfacon’s sustainable growth and provide our technicians with fast access to the data center, and that’s exactly what we found in Optidata.

The change

Based on the analysis of the environments used by AlfaCon, the teams of Prisma and Optidata joined forces to carry out the ERP migration in the best possible way. A detailed planning of the processes was defined and, within a month, AlfaCon Concursos Públicos already had their systems hosted on the new servers.

Optidata was responsible for creating the new hosting environment - developed for better performance, availability and cost reduction - and to grant the necessary access so that the Prisma team could carry out the ERP migration project, and all with constant support and follow-up during the execution.

“The customer was suffering from a lack of support and constant system shutdowns, even though they were using a major company in the cloud market.” With the support of the teams, the migration to the Optidata cloud was a success. Today the customer has better access, speed and support for their servers and systems”, points out Darlan Segalin, CEO of Optidata.

With the process completed, the only work now is the constant monitoring of the environment, done by Optidata, as well as the permanent surveillance of the ERP and the AlfaCon database, carried out by Prisma.

The results

The benefits of migrating AlfaCon’s ERP to Optidata’s cloud services were quickly noticed. Among the main benefits are the support and the service provided by the supplier, who has acted in a dynamic and efficient way throughout the process.

“No one is free from problems, especially in the world of IT. But if when you do have a problem and your supplier gives you a quick response and all the input you need to find and fix the problem, that’s what counts. What we find with Optidata is fast service and the dedication to finding a solution,” emphasizes Vanin.

Javert Falco, director of AlfaCon Concursos Públicos, also agrees that the results were very positive and resulted in significant improvements for the company, such as:

  • System stability;
  • Reduction in downtime;
  • Increased speed;
  • Performance gains of more than 30%.

“The partnership with Prisma and Optidata has given us great security in the development of processes, in the treatment of information and in the internal communication of the company. The choice of the Senior ERP has given us scalability in our operations and the change to the Optiata data center provided all the stability we needed to operate in the market, reducing downtime, increasing the ERP access speed, providing faster service response for the environment, as well as great service”, Falco confirms.

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