Beto Carrero World increases accessibility and reduces costs with Optidata cloud hosting infrastructure

Beto Carrero World

Beto Carrero World

Considered the largest theme park in Latin America, Beto Carrero World is located in the city of Penha, Santa Catarina. Its story began in December of 1991, based from dream of its founder, João Batista Sérgio Murad (1937 - 2008), better known as Beto Carrero. Built on 14 million square meters of land, the park has more than 100 attractions, such as artistic shows, a zoo and a variety of rides, as well as a complete structure of services, such as restaurants, banking, parking, pharmacy, first-aid clinic, newsstands and a number of souvenir shops for visitors to enjoy.

Castle of Nations
Gateway to the Park

Online presence

With the increasing popularity of the park and the growing number of tourists from all over the country and abroad, Beto Carrero World felt the need to invest in an online sales and marketing channel that could show customers the entire infrastructure and dimensions of the park, as well as facilitating tourist access to the park.

So in 2009, Beto Carrero World also entered the virtual world, with the launching of a complete e-commerce, developed by Grupo W, a company specialized in developing e-commerces and software for the internet. The platform offers various facilities for visitors, such as purchasing park passes, flight and hotel reservations, as well as photos, videos and information allowing visitors to get to know the place before visiting it.

But for the e-commerce to manage all the features and the high number of visitors, a good cloud structure was essential, making the site available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this in mind, according to Adriano Marcolin, director and partner of Grupo W, the company sought a hosting service abroad that they already knew.

"We have always maintained our own hosting infrastructure, with dedicated servers for our clients in the United States. So, besides the development of e-commerces or systems, we also offer hosting services. In the case of Beto Carrero World, and with the approval of the client, we also initially opted to host the site there."

The change of hosting services

With the hosting structure in another country, the Beto Carrero e-commerce had occasional access speed and delay problems, in addition to a high cost due to variations in the US dollar exchange rate. Taking these two factors into account, along with the growth of the park, Grupo W started to look for hosting in Brazil. It was at this time that the company found out about the services offered by Optidata.

"We wanted to have a structure just for Beto Carrero, a dedicated server for them, separate from our other clients. We also looked for an internal response time that gave us faster access within the network. After our contact with Optidata, we chose them and, so far, it has been working very well," says Marcolin.

Negotiations began in early 2015. After a detailed study and a complete evaluation of the data, Optidata developed the necessary infrastructure for hosting the site, taking into account the real needs of the customer.

"Beto Carrero needed a robust solution that could handle the large number of visitors to the e-commerce and could support all the security systems used, and this solution also needed to decrease the delays that existed when the e-commerce was hosted in the US. Based on these needs, the team of specialists at Optidata designed a project for a dedicated server for Beto Carrero in Brazil," emphasizes Darlan Segalin, CEO of Optidata.

In March, with the Optidata infrastructure ready, the process of migrating the structure from the United States e-commerce to Brazil was put into practice and successfully concluded after 2 months of intense work and monitoring by the two teams.

"We did not have any glitches or impacts during the migration, so much so that the changeover was imperceptible to the customer and the users. With the site up and running, we needed to adapt the infrastructure to support the level of traffic, but this was also adjusted without any undue complications and the Beto Carrero site has now been running for 2 years with Optidata," the director of Grupo W points out.

The benefits

Today, the Beto Carrero e-commerce registers, on average, 20,000 individual visitors per day.

It requires a robust infrastructure and high-quality service to handle it: exactly what Beto Carrero and Grupo W have found in Optidata.

Optidata's solutions have fully met the needs of Beto Carrero, keeping our e-commerce always up and running and handling the enormous number of visitors from around the world, says Rogério Siqueira, president of Beto Carrero.

The director of Grupo W also highlights the benefits achieved so far through this effort.

The complaints about delays and access problems that we used to get when the site was hosted out of the country no longer exist. This has been completely remedied with the migration of the site to Optidata in Brazil, Marcolin emphasizes.

In addition to providing the infrastructure, Optidata also provides all the necessary support for Grupo W that is responsible for upgrading, updating and managing the Beto Carrero server. It is a partnership that has worked well over the last two years.

"The service provided by Optidata during the whole process was very good. Nowadays, we also have a time limit for service assistance, which gives us more peace of mind to focus on what really matters to our customer," concludes the partner and owner of Grupo W.

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