Furniture Industry Henn reduces costs and increases data and system security through a partnership with Optidata

Móveis Henn

Henn Furniture

​Considered one of the largest furniture industries in Brazil, Henn Furniture is located in the municipality of Mondaí, in the Far West of Santa Catarina, and relies on a modern industrial park with 70,000 square meters of built-up area.

There are approximately 1000 direct/indirect employees working in the production, distribution, and sales of bedroom, kitchen, and modular furniture for 25 years.

The need for change

​Henn Furniture relies on cutting-edge technology in a precise and efficient logistics strategy, which allows the exportation of products to four continents with quality and agility. It also has an advanced system capable of maintaining a stock regulator of about 400 items, all for prompt delivery, for up to 30 days.

Until the end of 2015, all processes, data and software required for the full operation of the company’s activities were kept in a complex internal IT infrastructure, which demanded high costs of staff and equipment.

In order to optimize the activities, team work time and to reduce spending, Henn Furniture decided to migrate its ERP and all servers to the cloud, choosing Optidata as business partner.

According to Francisco Schäfer Junior, Systems Manager of Henn Furniture, the decision was made after a detailed survey was conducted at the company.

We realized that the ERP we had acquired in 2012 demanded a very big structure with very high maintenance costs. Since this equipment had started to depreciate, we made an evaluation to renew them or to migrate our system to the cloud. Then we decided on the migration, mainly due to the cost/benefit analysis.

In addition, another factor has also contributed a lot to this change: the cloud computing trend that is being adopted by the most diverse corporations around the world.

“Nowadays everything is going to the cloud, and there are experts in this. To keep the entire internal structure, we would have to keep several professionals, which would result in high costs for the company, so we decided that outsourcing would be better”, the manager pointed out.​

The migration process

Optidata began preparing the study of the required changes and migration process in Henn Furniture in June 2015. From then on, a team of specialized professionals began to perform constant evaluations and analysis to find the best way to meet the real needs of the company through customized services.​

The following solutions were contracted:

​The first step comprised the analysis of the whole structure of the company and testing, migrating a demonstration base of the ERP system of the customer to Optidata‘s structure. With everything validated, the resource estimation phase was started and then the migration project of several systems – main ERP, human resources system, BI, among others - was executed, always with short scheduled shutdowns so that the process did not harm the operation of the customer.

In addition to migrating most of Henn Furniture’s structure to the cloud, Optidata also offers support to the internal structure of the company, giving assistance in security, link redundancy to allow a smooth operation of the access to Optidata‘s data center structure, adjustments, replacement of equipment, backups, and network settings, ensuring greater reliability and scalability, reducing costs, and increasing the security and availability of the whole environment to the company.

The benefits

With Optidata’s implementation of the solutions, Henn Furniture was able to significantly reduce expenses on IT infrastructure and internal technical staff, optimize processes and tasks, and increase protection of data and information.​

​The main benefits are the reassurance and security that we have from the resources that were made available. For example, now we have much better equipment available, always up-to-date, and we have not had any further problems with system shutdowns or disasters, the manager stated.

​These were also the main concerns of the IT department and of the company’s senior management before the migration to the cloud: the high costs of possible technical errors.

We already had internal problems, where the company came to a stop for a day due to equipment malfunction. We know that when this happens the cost is very high, then, as Optidata has its own datacenter and is professional about it, we have more security, he pointed out.​

​Additionally, according to Júnior, the benefits with the migration to the cloud go far beyond the cost reduction with support and licensing of servers: now the company has a true business partner, allowing the team to focus on strategies and planning that will bring more and better results for the growth and development of Henn Furniture.

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