Distribuidora Nilo Tozzo creates savings and increases security with the migration of ERP and more than 10 TB of systems and data to the Optidata’s cloud

Nilo Tozzo

Nilo Tozzo

With more than 20 years of history, Nilo Tozzo is a distributor that serves small, medium and large market clients, working mainly in the 3 southern states of Brazil and distributing a wide variety of products in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cleaning, stationery and toys sectors.

The need to evolve

For more than 10 years, Nilo Tozzo has been one of Optidata’s clients and, during this time, they have relied on local server management services. However, for some time now, they have been looking into the possibility of migrating their data from the local data center to the cloud. The main objective, according to Everson Lorenzon, IT manager at Distribuidora Nilo Tozzo, was to optimize the work with the possibility of having decentralized access to the files. This would be a great advantage given the size of the company and the need to access updated data, both in the parent company and in the company’s branch located in Rio Grande do Sul. Other factors that contributed to the decision to migrate their data to the Optidata cloud were security and costs. Maintaining a local data center, with physical servers that require management, maintenance and upgrading, generate a much higher cost than keeping all the data in a cloud managed by a specialized company.

The migration process

According to Everson, the data that went through this migration process was all kept on local servers, as well as the systems managing the entire enterprise’s operations. According to Darlan Segalin, CEO of Optidata, the process took place very quickly and without any major problems. The migration of the data took only one weekend and was done using Optidata’s unique “Cloud Storage Appliance” tool, which made the massive data transfer possible with absolute security.

With the Optidata Cloud Storage Appliance we migrated all virtual machines, systems and data, that were previously hosted in company equipment, to the cloud. This tool can support migration of up to 30 TB (Terabytes) of data and, because of this, we physically copied everything quickly and moved it to our Data Center. The whole process lasted just one weekend, says Segalin.

Optidata Cloud Storage Appliance

Another interesting factor that contributed to the success was that the entire technology system of the company was already on virtual machines, that is, based on our observation of what would be best for our data, we had everything ready to migrate in the smoothest manner, without any big or abrupt changes to our daily work, Everson adds.

The benefits

With the process finalized, the change in concept was visible. Nilo Tozzo’s IT center noticed the changes in the new operating format, meanwhile, according to Everson, work did not suffer much of an impact and, in just 2 days, the entire team was already familiar with the new solution, seeing the benefits in practice. From the advances in technology and telecommunications, it was very easy to rely upon an extremely capable structure and have access to everything through the internet, at any time.

With Optidata’s support we can be certain of the proper operation of the customer’s many applications in the cloud, with high accessibility, security and performance, Darlan points out.

The most important thing in all this is that you have confidence in the quality and security of the vendor’s technology, with data that is well protected and stored, so that no unforeseen events occur. It is a trend in the market and all companies with decentralized structures should follow suit, because the advantages are great and very clear, concludes the distributor’s IT manager.

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