Meet Our Cases

Learn how Optidata has contributed to the success of some companies.

Distribuidora Nilo Tozzo creates savings and increases security with the migration of ERP and more than 10 TB of systems and data to the Optidata’s cloud

Learn about the case and discover how a company with more than 20 years in the business decentralized its information through cloud computing, with total security, control and speed.

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Grupo W increases data availability and delivers greater accuracy with the migration of more than 400 customers to the Optidata cloud.

Access the case and discover how a company with more than 16 years in the market transformed its operations and found international quality standards in a Brazilian cloud!

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AlfaCon Concursos Públicos increases ERP performance by 30% with Optidata cloud migration

The change, carried out in partnership with Prisma Softwares de Gestão, provided all the performance and support that AlfaCon needed to maintain their focus on growth and corporate success.

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Henn Furniture Industry reduces costs and increases data and system security through a partnership with Optidata

Access the case and find out how one of the largest furniture industries in Brazil reduced its spending on IT infrastructure and optimized the internal processes by migrating the ERP to the cloud.

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ERP migration with security, control, and success

Automatic's ERP migration process to the Optidata environment provided the customer with all the peace of mind they were seeking.

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Performance, productivity, and success: the partnership between SETA Engenharia and Optidata improved the processes of the company

SETA Engenharia found in Optidata all the support and assistance required for its project. Learn more about the case!

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