Cloud infrastructure in World Class datacenters

Our solutions rely on high quality hardware from market leading brands, offering higher reliability and performance to services. With Intel® Xeon® hardware, Optidata Cloud Solutions relies on a cloud infrastructure in Curitiba and Miami.

Monitoring to offer higher availability, performance and capacity.

Rely on certified experts that will manage the technology environment in the cloud of your company.

A constant monitoring is carried out to prevent any problems and to also optimize the performance of the solutions.


Redundant connections so you can achieve higher productivity.

Optidata Cloud Solutions centralizes its activities in the Carrier Neutral datacenter, which has the best bandwidth quality in the country.

Using the BGP-4 protocol for traffic routing, any fault in one operator will not affect the availability of the solutions because the traffic is redirected to other servers.

More speed and efficiency with Cisco routers and distribution at 10 Gb/s ensuring a network completely free of bottlenecks.

Redundant Connectivity and Anti-DDOS

Fully redundant internet connection system with Anti-DDOS protection for the network.

Unmatched security

Data Center Tier III

Its servers in the only Tier III certified datacenter in Brazil, with total electrical power redundancy, air conditioning, restricted and controlled access.

Your company's servers should be secure, your business depends on them.
Optidata offers this tranquility for you.

Miami datacenter

Miami datacenter

Located in one of the biggest and better traffic exchange points, Optidata's datacenter in Miami provides the customers with fiber diversity, wide choice of networks, as well as the ability to interconnect with partners and customers through digital logistics.

  • Redundant Power- Featuring an iron-clad SLA uptime guarantee
  • Underground Dual Power Feeds – with priority turn up zoning and a third feed located 20 miles west
  • Redundant Diesel Generators & Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Infrastructure
  • N +1 Facility, Branch Breaker Monitoring
  • Compliance- SSAE 16 & PCI certification facilitates SOX, GLB, HIPAA, FED Banking regulations
  • 24/7 Onsite Security and Live Support
  • Multiple Layers of Electronically Controlled Card & Biometric Fingerprint Access
  • A/C & D/C Power (A+B) Availability
  • Regulated Climate Control- N+1 cooling protects IT hardware
  • 18″ Raised Floor- reduces static and interference with connectivity, assists with cooling & distribution of airflow
  • TotalPac Fire Suppression System- A dual-alarmed dry pipe suppression system, ensures valuable IT hardware is always protected

Curitiba datacenter

Curitiba datacenter

The room comprises seven Cummins generators, with 80 batteries with 200 amps each and autonomy for one hour. The automation is carried out by means of an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch – Schneider brand).

  • Redundant air conditioning;
  • Group of 5 redundant power generators;
  • Fighting FM-200 fire (gas);
  • CCTV with storage;
  • Operations team (IT) 24x7;
  • Redundant Internet backbone;
  • Connected to PTT Metro Paraná (lower latency access to major ISPs and operators in Brazil).
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Our Offices

Learn about the location of our offices and datacenters in Brazil and in the U.S.

Chapecó (SC) - Brasil
Tv. Oslo 90D – Passo dos Fortes
CEP: 89805-110
+55 49 2020.1111
Florianópolis (SC) - Brasil
SC-401, Km 04, s/n
Saco Grande
+55 49 2020.1111
Miami - EUA
8121 NW 68th Street
FL 33166
Data center Curitiba - Brasil
Rua Iapó 1408 – Prado Velho
Curitiba (PR)
Data center São Paulo - Brasil
Av. Marcos Penteado de
Ulhôa Rodrigues, 249 - Res. Tres (Tambore)
Data center EUA
36 NE 2nd St – Miami
FL 33132