Optidata Cloud Corporate Mail

Fully reliable corporate e-mail for your company's communications.

Why do I need a
corporate e-mail?

If your company wants to show more confidence in internal and external communications, a corporate e-mail is more than necessary.

  • Higher number of e-mail accounts
  • Server configured to increase the message delivery rate
  • Fully dedicated server or shared with few customers, with a guarantee of fewer spammers or malicious users
  • No limitation for imap/pop3 connections, avoiding firewall blockings
  • Greater limits for sent messages
  • Store messages that enter and exit your domain
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus with Optidata Cloud Mail
  • Protection Planning and migration of e-mails from your current provider
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Our Offices

Learn about the location of our offices and datacenters in Brazil and in the U.S.

Chapecó (SC) - Brasil
Tv. Oslo 90D – Passo dos Fortes
CEP: 89805-110
+55 49 2020.1111
Florianópolis (SC) - Brasil
SC-401, Km 04, s/n
Saco Grande
+55 49 2020.1111
Miami - EUA
8121 NW 68th Street
FL 33166
Data center Curitiba - Brasil
Rua Iapó 1408 – Prado Velho
Curitiba (PR)
Data center São Paulo - Brasil
Av. Marcos Penteado de
Ulhôa Rodrigues, 249 - Res. Tres (Tambore)
Data center EUA
36 NE 2nd St – Miami
FL 33132