Optidata Cloud File Server

Secure solution for storing and sharing files in the cloud.

The best for your company

AmpliDrive is the secure solution for storing and sharing files in the cloud.

Meet the Amplidrive

Easy to share

Facility to share files with anyone inside or outside the company. Working in collaboration has become much easier.

Backup and versioning

Never again worry about losing files. We backup all your files and keep everything well protected with features of version history and deleted file recovery.

The size that fits your need

Get all the storage space you need, increase and decrease the space as and when you need to.

Easy to access

Access and share your files with your team members, improve the communications of your company, thus improving productivity and quality levels.

Easy to manage

Our solution provides your IT department with resources for control, visibility, and security, such as remote deletion and account transfer.

Secure and reliable structure

Share large files of any kind with speed and in an easier and safer way than solutions like e-mail attachments or FTP.

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Our Offices

Learn about the location of our offices and datacenters in Brazil and in the U.S.

Chapecó (SC) - Brasil
Av. Getulio Dorneles Vargas,
4135N - Bairro Líder

CEP 89805-262
+55 49 3199-4242
Florianópolis (SC) - Brasil
SC-401, Km 04, s/n
Saco Grande
+55 49 3199-4242
Miami - EUA
8155 NW 68th Street, #3
FL 33166
Data center Curitiba - Brasil
Rua Iapó 1408 – Prado Velho
Curitiba (PR)
Data center São Paulo - Brasil
Av. Marcos Penteado de
Ulhôa Rodrigues, 249 - Res. Tres (Tambore)
Data center EUA
36 NE 2nd St – Miami
FL 33132