Optidata Cloud Hosting App

Migrate your system, ERP, BI to the cloud.

Developed on the basis of the key needs of companies and with an optimization option for the specifics, the Optidata Cloud Hosting App is the best solution to migrate your ERP to the cloud.

Monitored by a specialized team throughout the process, Optidata provides full service operation assurance with the certainty of optimizing the use of its application.

In order to reduce expenses with remarkable increase in productivity, the Optidata Cloud Hosting App is constantly monitored and automatically makes adjustments in the infrastructure. This puts your ERP in full operation, 24/7, with high performance.

Customization and facility

With access to major browsers, the user connects through the portal with their data. That's it: with the access validated the user is redirected to the application, which can be visually customized to become familiar.

Wide availability

With the best cloud infrastructure available, the Optidata Cloud Hosting App is designed to be fully redundant, that is: it will not let your company down when you need it most.

Reduced consumption

Less than 20 Kbps when connected.

Support for multiple external devices

All major manufacturers of external devices are supported and you can also install additional hardware drivers for your specific needs. This way, the virtual server is able to "see" all devices connected to your remote user device.

Access permission control

Centralized user management with registration and authentication.

Optidata Cloud Hosting App
Windows Applications
Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQLServer Postgres, Firebird (other uncler demand)
Printer and local drivers
Windows Applications
User operating system
Windows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS, Android
Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
Number of users
10 to 5000 per application
Bandwidh consumption
Fron 15kbps to 40kbps/user according to the application
128 bits
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