Optidata Cloud Mail Protection

Protect your company from spam, malware, and virus.

E-mail is the most used communication tool for companies, so it must be efficient, fast and an ally of your team’s productivity. To do this, it is essential to rely on a service that prevents spam, viruses and malware so they can focus their efforts on what really needs to be done.

The concern extends to the output filters that manage the delivery of messages and safeguards the reputation of your corporate e-mail.

With higher productivity indexes, the greater the profit gains to your business!

Protecting for your network

Intelligent and self-learning filtering for all email messages, eliminating spam before it reaches your network.

Immediate detection of new outbreaks

Application of continued improvements to refine data analysis with the instantaneous identification of new patterns and hazards.

Increased delivery of messages

When the destination server is unavailable, Optidata's filtering systems queue the messages so that they can be delivered when there is availability.


With Optidata's delivery filter, you don't have to worry about the reputation of your IP addresses.


Sending spam messages, like receiving them, harms the image of your communication, decreasing delivery rates and even punishing your network. With Optidata Cloud Mail Protection, you can ensure message integrity, avoiding the triggering of spam.


With an organized system, your messages are safely stored − without the need of a local structure − so that you can have the right information to hand when you need it.

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