Optidata Cloud Server

Your company is 100% secure in the cloud.

With the Optidata Cloud Server, your company relies on a tool that adapts itself to the key needs, reducing costs whilst significantly improving performance.

Whether your company is small, medium or large, Optidata Cloud Server offers a secure and high-performance solution that acts directly on efforts made for better results.

With a robust and complete structure that accepts servers of any size, Optidata Cloud Server is the best solution for your company to have 100% security in the cloud!


Flexibility and elasticity of the cloud with performance and reliability.

Different architectures virtualized and optimized for different demands.

High quality cloud computing for your company without structure or personnel costs.

Scalability according to the demand so that your company does not have extra costs during low demand periods.


Operation in multiple Tier 3 Datacenters located in Brazil and in the U.S.

Services offered with geographic redundancy.

High connectivity and the lowest latency in the market without charge for the traffic flowing through the PTT.

Remote access with the advantages of low cost, agility, specialized team, and much more.


Frequent backups.

Disaster Prevention.

We are experts in cloud solutions

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Our Offices

Learn about the location of our offices and datacenters in Brazil and in the U.S.

Chapecó (SC) - Brasil
Av. Getulio Dorneles Vargas,
4135N - Bairro Líder

CEP 89805-262
+55 49 3199-4242
Florianópolis (SC) - Brasil
SC-401, Km 04, s/n
Saco Grande
+55 49 3199-4242
Miami - EUA
8155 NW 68th Street, #3
FL 33166
Data center Curitiba - Brasil
Rua Iapó 1408 – Prado Velho
Curitiba (PR)
Data center São Paulo - Brasil
Av. Marcos Penteado de
Ulhôa Rodrigues, 249 - Res. Tres (Tambore)
Data center EUA
36 NE 2nd St – Miami
FL 33132